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Barrel Water Production Line

1.Capacity: 600BPH
2.Material: SUS304/316
3.Function: Washing filliing capping

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Product Description

1. The barrel water production line is specialized for production of 3-5 Gallon barrel.

2. The machine consists of washing, filling and sealing in one.

3. The bottle washer adopts multi-channel washing liquid injection and disinfectant injection for the purpose of washing sterilization.The disinfectant is recyclable.

4. The sealing machine can start sealing automatically and the bottle conveying port is equipped with a sanitation device to ensure the sanitation of cap.

5. Washing, disinfection, filling, gland, counting and discharging is automatic.

6. The major electrical apparatus are all products of well-known brands, such as SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI, Schneider and OMRON.

7. This production line is an ideal choice for mineral water, distilled water and purified water with impact structure, small occupation of land and high automation.


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