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  • Hengyu Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine Was Shipped to Liaoning

    Good News! The customer form Liaoning purchased an automictic carbonated beverage filling machine whose model is DCGF40-40-12BH form Hengyu on December 31st in 2019. We have arranged shipment as soon as possible to make sure our customer to receive products quickly. At first, they found our company’

  • HENGYU Spring Festival Wishes to All the Customers

    The Spring Festival is the most important festival in the Chinese and even Chinese circles. The Spring Festival usually ends from the first day of the first lunar month to the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. At this moment, Hengyu is about to bid farewell to the busy and fulfilling 2019 and

  • How important is the water treatment system in the filling line?

    Water treatment is the process of cleaning the water, purifying it, and making it drinkable. While the water reach to us contain a lot of chemicals, dirt, and bacteria, there is also a solution to that. The market is full of water treatment systems. However, it is your choice to fit in somewhere whi

  • A Technical Agreement Was Reached on Site to Assist Uganda Projects

    Congratulations! A technical agreement was reached on site to assist Uganda projectsbetween Hengyu and the state-owned northern company.In November, our staff communicated with the state-owned northern company staff online in advance and had a nice chat.

  • Sparkling Wine Production Line was Shipped to Domestic Market

    Good News! The domestic customer purchased a sparkling wine production line from our company in November 2019. We have arranged shipment as soon as possible to make sure our customer to receive products quickly.

  • 9 True Facts About Water Bottle Filling Machine That Will Totally Weird You Out

    Water bottles and juice filling machines are used in each and every beverage supplying plant. In fact, the juice filling machines or the water filling machines do the most integral steps of the whole procedure.The water or juice filling water machine is also known as the blowing machine.

  • Hengyu Machinery Assists Saudi Arabia Customers in Water Treatment Installation

    Always pursue best customer service, Hengyu Machinery pay attention to every customer’s buying experience and helps them in solving problems. This time, Saudi Arabia Customers seek help from us in water treatment installation.

  • These Details of the Filling Machine Just Might Have You Thinking Differently

    Juice filling machines are amazing when it comes to increasing the total output production of the beverage industry. Not only are automated juice filling machines and blowing machines equipped with the latest technology but contain various parts for carrying out different operations such as rinsing, blowing, sealing and filling.

  • Champagne Filling Production Line- Our Featured Products

    The beverage industry including the blowing machine suppliers, blowing machine manufacturers, beverage packing companies and champagne packaging companies make sure that every product is nicely sealed and adequately packed before going into the market. The constant search to deliver the best-sealed

  • What Kinds of Beer Filling Machine?

    Filling machines are available in diverse types like beer, soft drinks, and juice filling machine. Each machine is used for a particular type of product. It is imperative to choose a machine that can fulfill your needs and comes under your budget. What kinds of beer filling machine?Beer filling mach



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