How Does Alcohol Filling Machine Work

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Bottoms Up Draft alcohol Dispensing System

Have you seen an alcohol filling machine before or do you have one at home? If yes, you would probably have known that this type of machine has one or two taps that pour a cold and draught alcohol. If you think you know everything about how the different alcohol pumps work, you will be shocked by this one: the machine with downward filling. You got it all figured out! This model does have a valve that pours out the alcohol but works differently. Get to know how it works.

Bottoms Up Draft Alcohol Dispensing System: this machine is the first that fills down

The master device first appears on the market in 2010 and since then it has been a hit. On the design side, this alcohol filling machine is not exceptional and is simplistic compared to other models of pullers with a tap. However, it’s quite different from another dispensing machine due to its presence of a generous tray where the glasses are placed to be filled. The mode of operation makes it unique as it fills the alcohol glasses down as suggested by the name.

Please note, however, there are specific glasses that can be used on this alcohol puller. They have round magnetic pad at the base, a pad that conceals an opening from which the glass is filled. Once the glass is removed from the machine, the round magnetic pad is immediately installed. Of course, automatically, this glass is more expensive than an ordinary glass is, the alcohol price drawn with the machine will not be the same as that of a glass of classic alcohol either. However, in relation to the time saved and the quality of Alcohol brewed, this expense is insignificant.  Only the greatest lovers of alcohol can feel and enjoy them as these advantages.

The advantages of using the Bottoms Up Draft Alcohol Dispensing System

This exceptional version of the alcohol puller is ideal for intensive use. It is recommended for owners of pubs, restaurants, bars, and discos. All thanks to this machine, serving as many customers as possible becomes child's play. Note that in just one minute this pump with four fillers is capable of filling about 44 alcohols, a record that conventional alcohol machines will find it difficult to equalize.

It has the advantage of serving cold, draught alcohol with very little foam in addition to the large number of glasses that this machine can fill in no time at all. This alcohol pump is often recommended for anyone who often has a well-watered party at home.  Normally, you can earn some money if you rent it out to a restaurant or bistro.

Although the Bottoms Up Draft Alcohol Dispensing System is one of the most recommended models for professionals, individuals can also afford it. However, for anyone (professionals or individuals) who wants to buy the model should keep in mind, that it also means investing in the specific cups that go with the model.


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