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Our equipment products are applied to multiple beverage fields such as carbonated beverage,fruit juice,dairy drinks,pure water,spring water,grape,liquor, sparkling wine,seasoning,pureed drinks and oils.We can offer the whole water treatment system and automatic barreled water production line.The range of equipment we can produce covers the whole production line from pretreatment to filling and packaging system.


It is worth to be mentioned that our technology of champagne filling production line has obtained the national patent certification,which make us become the only domestic manufacturer of the production line for sparkling wine and champagne.

Liquid Filling Machine Manufacturers

Hengyu Machinery

Zhangjiagang Hengyu Machinery Co.,LTD is located in Zhangjiagang city, a typical civilized city in China,where we west to SHANGHAI, east of NANJING and on the south bank of Yantze River.The transportation is very convenient.

Liquid Filling Equipment for Sale

Based on the technical achievement and producing experience,we learn and digest the advantages of domestic and foreign friends,introduce the newest beverage packaging machinery technology from Germany and Italy to Form your own competitive


The company has also obtained a variety of certification so that customers can buy at ease and use at ease.



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From soda to nitrogen beer, let's take a look at some of the new drinks that are on sale around the world this month.At the same time,have a deeper understanding of beverage filling. Budweiser nitrogen beer Budweiser InBev launched Budweiser nitro reserve gold, the first nitrogen beer of Budweiser b



In an ideal situation for people that work in the beverage industry is, the number of products sold in a fixed period and the number of products used at the same time would be correctly linked. However, no product can be as profitable as you think.Auto water filling machines are available with amazi



Carbonated soft drink filling machine is getting popular with time due to its efficiency, speed and durability. The maintenance of the advanced machine is easy as compared to its predecessors. Many companies are using this equipment to boost up their production speed.



Water bottles and juice filling machines are used in each and every beverage supplying plant. In fact, the juice filling machines or the water filling machines do the most integral steps of the whole procedure.The water or juice filling water machine is also known as the blowing machine.