Bottle Water Production Line

The whole bottled water production line consists of six parts: water treatment, bottle blowing system, filling system, label system, packaging system and conveying system.

Fully automatic operation mode greatly improves the production efficiency and at the same time liberates the human resources.

With the international electrical brands such as Siemens and schneider, the operation of the whole line is more stable.

The line is mainly used for PET bottled non-carbonated beverage production line, such as spring water and wine drinks.

water bottling plant for sale

Specification of Bottles

PET round or square bottle

Volume 100 - 1500ml

Bottle diameter 50-115mm

Bottle height 160-320mm

Specification of Bottles

Water treatment system


Any beverage production line is inseparable from the water 
treatment system. According to each customer's water 
quality report, we design the treatment plan specially by the engineer. The key equipment is reverse osmosis system and hollow ultrafiltration system. This directly determines whether the water is pure or mineral water. Good water treatment is the lifeblood of a quality production line.

Blowing system


The servo high speed bottle blowing machine is used for PET water bottle, hot filling bottle, steam drink bottle, edible oil bottle,pesticide bottle and so on. Servo high speed bottle blowing machine adopts servo control system, which has the characteristics of stable and reliable structure, fast and stable, easy to maintain, convenient and convenient for mould,and meets the need of continuous production on-line.

Filling system


The three functions of the bottle washing, filling and capping are composed in one body of the machine. The whole process is automatic. This series is used to produce polyester bottled mineral water,  purified water,  alcoholic beverage machinery and other non-gas beverage machinery.

Labeling system


As customer request and market demand, we provide the better solution for the final product package. We have various kinds of options. Labeling machine have the PVC sleeve label, BOPP hot glue label, adhesive stick label, wet glue label, and packing machine have the film shrink machine and carton box package.

Packaging system


Once your beverage product has been filled and the bottle has been labelled, the primary package is gently transferred using conveyors to its secondary packaging process. The final result is the package the customer sees at the point of sale, so it needs to grab their attention. These packs ensure protection from elements such as weather, pressure and temperature changes.

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