How to choose high quality water treatment system for your plant?

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New water treatment systems are emerging continually that’s why it can be tough to choose a perfect solution according to your needs. A well-designed water treatment system for your plant can help achieve your production goals and increase efficiencies. The key is to consider the main factors that will help find a high-quality water treatment system. Here in this article, we have gathered a list of those factors so that you can make the right decision.

If your plant obtains water from a raw source, then you must treat the water to produce consistent-quality products via operational efficiency. Let’s have a look at the factors that you must consider when choosing a high quality water treatment system for your plant.

· Water quality

You must examine the quality of source water and the quality required to support your products, equipment, and processes. Water treatment equipment can treat raw water for various applications, so you must consider your plant needs to choose the right equipment. Here the factors that you must consider include intake water characteristics, target water quality, and the volume of required water.

· Water treatability testing

This testing is a vital step in spotting the high-quality water treatment system. Based on the lab report, you can find out whether the raw water is treatable for your process or not. Plus, it will also tell how your raw water must be treated.

· Lifespan of plant

The longer the lifespan of your plant, the longer you will require the water treatment equipment. So, your selected water treatment system must be durable and long-lasting. For instance, if you consider stainless steel over PVC, then the initial investment will be higher but it will require less replacement and maintenance expenses in the future.

· Wastewater characterization

It is necessary to analyze the contents of treated wastewater to help you select the most suitable water treatment system according to your plant needs. If contaminants (like grease, metals, suspended solids, etc.) are present in huge quantities, then you will need a more specialized water treatment technology.

· Regulatory requirements

The local municipality or/and regulatory agencies set discharge requirements for plants for wastewater treatment. The best and high quality water treatment systems not only comply with local discharge requirements but also provide scalability to adopt any change in regulations over time.

· Treatability study & pilot test outcomes

The pilot test and treatability study play a crucial role in selecting the best water treatment equipment as per your plant requirements. The result of the treatability study will help determine the content of your waste stream as well as the strategies to treat that waste stream. On the other hand, a pilot study will test the treated solution to optimize further improvement.

· Certified and experienced water treatment manufacturers

Make sure to choose a certified and experienced water treatment manufacturer for your plant’s water treatment systems. Also, ensure your selected water treatment manufacturer offers a warranty or guarantee on their water treatment equipment