March Inventory of Some New Products in The Global Beverage Industry

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From soda to nitrogen beer, let's take a look at some of the new drinks that are on sale around the world this month.At the same time,have a deeper understanding of beverage filling.


Budweiser nitrogen beer


Budweiser InBev launched Budweiser nitro reserve gold, the first nitrogen beer of Budweiser brand in the United States, aiming to provide high-end experience for beer lovers.

Budweiser nitro reserve gold is a golden lager brewed with nitrogen gas. It has the taste of caramel malt, mellow taste and smooth aftertaste.           


According to Budweiser, this special nitrogen beer has an alcohol concentration of 5%, which requires a unique three-step pouring method. Different from the traditional beer pouring habit, Budweiser recommends that consumers shake the beer three times before relaxing and enjoying it, and then pour the beer in the jar directly into the middle of the glass. By shaking the ale, the nitrogen bubble can fill the whole beer.

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LQD flavor malt drink


Brewers collective, a fine brewing business unit of AB InBev, announced its involvement in the field of flavored malt drinks with a new product named LQD.


According to the official press release, LQD creates unique and unexpected alcoholic beverages through natural fermentation using simple ingredient lists and high-quality raw materials, such as real fruits. LQD will offer three flavors, including agave lime, passion fruit green tea and hibiscus green tea,. And offer hibiscus lemon this summer. Their alcohol content is between 5.2-5.9%, and their calories are less than 200 calories. LQD has 6 cans of single flavor and 12 cans of different flavors, which will be available in specific markets in the United States.


Vita coco squeezing coconut series taste innovation


In the spring of this year, Vita coco pressed, the company's squeezed coconut series, added two new flavors: coconut strawberry banana and coconut mango, which are made of a mixture of coconut water and coconut mud, vitamin C and less than 1% sugar, to further promote the growth of this category through flavor innovation. At present, there are four flavors (original and pineapple flavors introduced last year) to choose from. PET bottles are used, with two specifications of 500ml and 1L, which are suitable for various occasions.

Michael kirban, co-founder and CEO of Vita coco, said: "it took us only 15 years to find out that some consumers' taste barriers could be overcome if a little fresh squeezed coconut paste was added to the coconut juice. Our squeezed coconut series has successfully brought new customers to the brand and even changed the most outspoken people who hate coconut water. Adding fruit flavors will allow us to satisfy more cravings for delicious, better-for-you drinks based on the squeeze series launched last year. "      


White Claw New flavor


After last year's Soda boom in the United States, white claw, a hard drink brand, launched its first batch of new flavors. It will also launch its second-largest line of flavors to retailers across the United States.  


The new flavors are orange peel, watermelon, lemon and mango. The first series of flavors include black cherry, ruby grapefruit, lime and raspberry.            


Every 12 ounces contains 100 calories, 2 grams of sugar, 2 grams of carbohydrates, and 5% alcohol. The drink is a mixture of soda, gluten free alcohol and fruit flavors.     


Lacroix natural soda


National beverage Corp. will launch two new Lacroix flavors: lemon and watermelon. The new taste is now available at select retailers and will be fully available in the US this spring.            


"As we enter the spring of 2020, the pace of innovation is at an all-time high," the brand said.Lacroix is considered America's favorite natural soda and has been loyal to its health commitments since the beginning. "Our commitment to consumers is to deliver a pure and uplifting mindset that not only brings delicious food, but also a feeling that we are passionate about future innovation based on health."      


Waterloo blueberry soda


Waterloo, based in Austin, Texas, is launching a new blueberry flavored soda this month. Waterloo said, few other soda brands have tried blueberry flavors, so they focus on making their tastes bold and fresh. The blueberry drink will be available in grocery stores across the country from April.


7-11 Icelandic mineral water


The 7-11 convenience store's own brand portfolio has added a new drink - Skýra Icelandic mineral water, which is imported from Iceland. This product is super high quality, natural and alkaline, with electrolyte, high pH value (8.8), and low mineral content.


Through the filtration of lava layer, the water seeps into the underground for decades, and absorbs soluble minerals before it becomes natural alkaline water. This pure Icelandic water does not contain nitrates, nickel, cadmium, uranium, phthalates or chlorine.            


The water comes from Icelandic springs in government protected nature reserves. The pronunciation of the name is "skee Reh", which is an Icelandic word, meaning to clarify. Skyra is now available in 20 ounce and 1 liter bottles.


Revive Soda Pop Series


This summer, the revival CommScope tea launched a new Soda Pop series with three new flavors - cherry cola, root beer and orange soda. Each bottle contains 40 milligrams of natural caffeine extracted from green tea.            


Sean Lovett, co-founder, said: "we want to bring CommScope back to the future, so we've extracted some of the kids' favorite tastes and turned them into the most primitive taste of CommScope tea."            


The company is already selling an authentic Cola Kombucha, the brand's best-selling product. The soda pop collection will be sold in dark glass bottles, revived in traditional packaging, but core products will also be sold in cans.


Cupcake Vineyards Cava


Cupmake cava, a new bubble drink, is launched in the market by California Cupcake. Traditionally, cavas is a sparkling wine from Spain, while cupcake is characterized by bright color, rich cream taste and sweet taste.            


It is produced in the penendes region of northern Spain and is made from Macabeo, paralleleda and xarello grapes. Cupcake cava has been in the bottle for 9 months and has the flavor of citrus and baked cream cake.                  


Hostess RTD Latte


Although the hostess brand in the United States is famous for its snack cakes, it has introduced its license and taste into beverages in the past. This month, the company announced a new line of ready-to-eat ice lattes.


The new product includes the existing single cup coffee, cappuccino and hot cocoa. These can be bought at retailers all over the country.            


Chad lusk, CEO of hostess brands, said: "this cooperation meets all the requirements of our constant innovation for our beloved core brands, and also brings more ways for consumers to enjoy our products."



Canteen vodka soda


Canteen, a new soda vodka soda brand, launched this month in Texas. Canteen can products contain 99 calories, 0 g carbohydrate, 0 g Sugar, no sodium, no gluten. The first flavors were watermelon, lime, black cherry, grapefruit and cucumber mint.


Most of the soda is made from malt beer or fermented sugar as the basis of alcohol, and canteen says it plans to promote the advantages of vodka soda to consumers. More will choose a few soda filling machine manufacturers to make drinks for them.



The company's CEO and co-founder said, "We have developed this product to cater to health conscious consumers who want a refreshing, sweet or sugar free adult drink with all the attributes they want. We believe that people are enthusiastic about spirits. We have seen dealers, retailers and, of course, consumers' attention and support for spirits. "