Automatic Beer Filling Machine Automatic Beer Filling Machine

Capacity: 8000BPH
Material: SUS304/316
Function: Washing filling capping

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  • Model: BPGF32-10
  • Brand: HENGYU
  • Product Description


1.This beer glass bottle washing filling capping machine is used for filling, washing and sealing of beer drinks in glass bottles with metal crown caps or easy-open caps.

2. It used sensor as speed regulator so that clients can easily adjust machine to meet different power demand.

3. It adopts equivalent pressure filling principle and spring valve to control the quality of beverage.

4. All portions, such as feeding valve, which contact with material directly are made of 304 stainless steel or 316L material to meet the demand of food hygiene.

5. This machine employs international advanced technology with scientific design, nice appearance, complete functions, easy maintenance and high automation. It is a top priority for small and medium sized beer manufacturers and companies.


The machine adopts high precision mechanical filling valves, has features of no bottle, no vacuuming

Opening gear combined gear box transmission, with engaging and disengaging gear device, frequency conversion extends the speed modulation range.

The machine has self oil lubrication device so than the lubrication points could be lubricated regularly in time. The machine is high efficiency, low noise and long lifespan.

The some parts of machine can be adjusted by different sizes bottle.

The level is controlled by the electric probe to assure the precision the liquid level.

Techinical Data

Filling heads12182432405060
Capping heads6668101215


Filling heads

Adopting the way of filling by holding the necks of the bottle, plus the function of pre-cover of the centralizing cover with high precise centralization,

which ensure the right seating of mouth of the bottle and filling valve, with low liquid loss.

Capping heads

1. Place and capping system, electromagnetic capping heads, with burden discharge function, make sure minimum bottle crash during capping
2. All 304/316 stainless steel construction
3. No bottle no capping
4. Automatic stop when lack of bottle
5.Capping effect is stable and reliable ,Defective rate ≤0.

Double Vacuum System

The oxygen content in beer is the key element of the beer taste.So the double vacuum system is the key process of beer filling,effectively isolating the contact between filling process and air.

Flat Conveyor

1.Energy saving. High efficient. Adapt to customer factory layout
2. Special lubrication system, keep products clean, health, safety
3.Extended service life
4.Electric eyes design keep whole line running safety and quickly
5.Overload protection mechanism to effectively ensure the safety of the machine

Our company

Zhangjiagang Hengyu Beverage Machinery CO., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Food and Beverage production line equipments, which integrate design and manufacture, installation and debugging, manning guide, after-sales service.

Based on the technical achievement and producing experience,we learn and digest the advantages of domestic and foreign friends,introduce the newest beverage packaging machinery technology from Germany and Italy to Form your own competitive advantage.

Our equipment products are applied to multiple beverage fields such as carbonated beverage,fruit juice,dairy drinks,pure water,spring water,grape,liquor, sparkling wine,seasoning,pureed drinks and oils.We can offer the whole water treatment system and automatic barreled water production line.The range of equipment we can produce covers the whole production line from pretreatment to filling and packaging system.Meanwhile,to fit some custom-made request for their different production conditions and capacity requirements,our engineers can also design special beverage machines.

The beverage filling machine of us not only sold throughout our China mainland, but also export to Russia, South Africa, England, Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, Sri Lanka and other dozens of counties.We have created a proud achievement in these years ,received widely by customers and laid a solid position in this beverage machinery field.

The company integrates the enterprise and the factory in one body.Production is connected with sales intelligently to fully guarantee the vital interests of the vast number of customers.


Packing & Delivery

Package Type : As usual, we adopt wooden case as package type. It's suitable for long-distance transport. According to customers' special demand, we could adopt sheet iron case and so on.
Transport : By sea. By train. By aircraft.


Our services

1)The machines' quality that we sold will be guaranteed for 1 year.

2) We will give you long time technology supply.

3) We can dispatch our engineer to you for installing and debugging machines. Engineer's roundtrip tickets, accommodation, and your side travelling fee will be charged by you.

4)We can also supply you mounting process, so your engineers can fit and debug machines by themselves.



Q1: How to choose the most suitable machine and get the final suitable price?
A1: For beverage bottle Filling Machine, you need to reply us the following questions:

1. What kind of product (carbonated or no carbonated beverage, juice or water) for filling?
2. What's the volume of the bottle(Can)?
3. Could you show us picture of your Bottle/can?
4. Could you send some bottle samples to us?
5. What capacity do you need for production?

Q2: Do you have videos or manual for us to know the machine better?
A2: Yes, of course. Please email us and ask for it. We will send you soon.

Q3: How about your machine's quality?
A3: Every machine is applied with CE certificate, SGS certificate, highly meets requirement of TUV, made of SUS 304 for food packaging; SUS316 for pharmaceutical products packaging. Inspect certificate is available.

Q4: What's the delivery time?
A4: Depending on your order: for whole production line it is 40~60 workdays. bottle or tube filling machine, labeling machine, capping machine, unscrambling machine, cansealing machine will be 30~40 days. Other simple equipment will be around 20 days. The above delivery time is calculated after receiving the down payment as well as sample bottles / tubes and materials.

Q5: Is there MOQ for your machine?
A5: 1 set is acceptable. Of course, if you order more, it will be fine and its price will be more competitive.

Q6: How to install the machine?
A6: Please do not worry. We will send you detailed video and instruction manual for your reference. Customer also can appoint your engineers to our factory to learn. Our engineers also can go abroad to install the machine well, however, customer needs to pay round air tickets, hotel and service expenses.