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opp stick labeling machine

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  • Model: PSZ-80
  • Product Description


1. Covering the circle label on the pet bottle and then hot shrinking to fix on the position which bottle body designated.

2. The machine's structure is compact and suitable for the production line of different direction and different height.

3. It is controlled by micro-computer to realize automatic detection and positioning.

4. The machinery part adopts combination designing of modularization, and makes the machine reasonable.

5. The height adjustment adopts motor fluctuating, it is convenient to replace the material. The special cutter head designing make the film-rolling cut more exactly.


The machine applys to single side ,double and siding facade labeling of all kinds of quadrate & flat bottle in pharmacy ,food beverage ,daily chemical industry etc.

The machine adopts PLC process control , photo-electricity bottle checking and label delivery, it composes of high production efficiency ,labeling precise and reliablity, operation convenience ,and wide adaptive scope etc.

Start-up system: depend on 3-5 pole motor driving ,electronic control speed, full automatic transmission device, electricity source place combine with high precise density stell star gear ,including automatic suited machinery safety device.

1, The roller coating way more save than spraying way on the usage of glue, glue it cloth glue more uniform, more plentiful, so that the joint more smooth, more strong.

2, In the aspect of control system using more advanced than other coating way mechanical and inductance double security agencies, labeling effect is more reliable, reduces the label attrition rate.

3, The device is particularly suitable for PET plastic bottles and other hard surface bonding packing materials, also suitable for super long, circular plastic mark paste.

4, Advanced labeling method determines the overall structure of the superior design, making the equipment from the production of precision, production efficiency and service life are the corresponding, is the most excellent models

   of similar products at home and abroad is alternative set of label and the best choice of the spray glue labeling machine, the effective ways to realize environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving.



1. Strict requirements and meticulous assembly, which make the machine running stability.

2. The speed flexible, can be adjusted to 36,000 bottles per hour.

3. Rotary design, compact structure, beautiful shape, and material specification- anti-acid/alkali stainless steel wrapped. 

4. It is simple and quick to change configuration Component and different containers and labels.

5. It is adopted automatic helicoid conveying bottle device which has large operation space. The container can complete the adjustment of multi gesture at one time. The device of adjusting brush plate is very simple.

6. Centralized lubrication system allows the operation of machinery lubrication components more simple, more normal, more to ensure that the machine life. The machine is simple and convenient maintenance.


Scope of application

Hot melt labeling machine suits for different industries for mineral water , soft drink, seasoning, wine cosmetics and others. It can stick many kinds of shape of PET bottle, such as round bottles, square bottles or others.

Company information

Companies to many years of research results and production experience as the basis, widely absorb and digest the advantages of the same industry at home and abroad, and one after another from Germany, Italy, the introduction of

a full set of the latest beverage packaging machinery technology. To Provide high quality beverage equipment for domestic and international customers. The company has several series of independent research and development

products, has obtained the national patent. As the senior beverage machine manufacturer, the working environment is elegant, has the per-fact modern office condition, has the specialized sales department, the research and development department, the technical department.

Our services

1The machines' quality that we sold will be guaranteed for 1 year.

2) We will give you long time technology supply.

3) We can dispatch our engineer to you for installing and debugging machines. Engineer's roundtrip tickets, accommodation, and your side travelling fee will be charged by you.

4)We can also supply you mounting process, so your engineers can fit and debug machines by themselves.