Self Adhesive Labeling Machine Self Adhesive Labeling Machine

opp stick labeling machine

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  • Model: PM-660
  • Product Description


1. Covering the circle label on the pet bottle and then hot shrinking to fix on the position which bottle body designated.

2. The machine's structure is compact and suitable for the production line of different direction and different height.

3. It is controlled by micro-computer to realize automatic detection and positioning.

4. The machinery part adopts combination designing of modularization, and makes the machine reasonable.

5. The height adjustment adopts motor fluctuating, it is convenient to replace the material. The special cutter head designing make the film-rolling cut more exactly.

Technical parameters

Technical Parameter





(on the base label length :500ml)



Label size

Diameter 50-110mm

Diameter 30-125mm

Bottle heights

Heights 50-200mm

Bottle diameter 

Diameter 40-120mm

Diameter 28-125mm

Label sleeve length




> 0.035mm

> 0.035mm

Label material



Electrical power

2.5KW (380V 50HZ)

Overall diameter



Approximate 750KG

Approximate 950KG


As the machine uses a combination of cutting-edge technologies, and high-performance components-ultra small inertia servo motor, the system by Siemens programmable logic controller professional closed-loop control of servo motors, the use of advanced human-computer interface system implement human and computer's conversation, During the host was rushed to the label speed control process, it can reach 0.01m/min accuracy class, rather than the general machinery of 1m/min.

Different Labels for Different Labeling Machine

1/PVC/PET shrink film label.

Widely used in food, beverages, mineral water and daily products.
Material: PVC heat shrinkable film, PET heat shrinkable film.
PVC shrinkage: longitudinal shrinkage 1%-4%, transverse shrinkage 55%;
PET shrinkage: longitudinal shrinkage 1% -3%, transverse contraction 70%;
PVC/PET heat-shrinkable labels printed flattened folding diameter: not more than 270mm;
Height: according to customer requirements;
Thickness: 3 wire to 5.5 wire, according to customer requirements, roll or cut sheet can be;
Color: Up to 9 colors

2/Sticker label.

Material: Coated paper, Synthetic paper, BOPP.
Color: Up to 9 colors.

3/OPP label.

Material: PVC heat shrinkable film PET heat shrinkable film;
PVC shrinkage: longitudinal shrinkage 1%-4% lateral shrinkage 55%;
PET shrinkage: longitudinal shrinkage 1%-3% lateral shrinkage 70%


Company information

Companies to many years of research results and production experience as the basis, widely absorb and digest the advantages of the same industry at home and abroad, and one after another from Germany, Italy, the introduction of a full set of the latest beverage packaging machinery technology. To Provide high quality beverage equipment for domestic and international customers. The company has several series of independent research and development products, has obtained the national patent. As the senior beverage machine manufacturer, the working environment is elegant, has the per-fact modern office condition, has the specialized sales department, the research and development department, the technical department.

Our services

1The machines' quality that we sold will be guaranteed for 1 year.
2) We will give you long time technology supply.
3) We can dispatch our engineer to you for installing and debugging machines. Engineer's roundtrip tickets, accommodation, and your side travelling fee will be charged by you.
4)We can also supply you mounting process, so your engineers can fit and debug machines by themselves.


Package Type : As usual, we adopt wooden case as package type. It's suitable for long-distance transport. According to customers' special demand, we could adopt sheet iron case and so on.
Transport : By sea. By train. By aircraft.