9 True Facts About Water Bottle Filling Machine That Will Totally Weird You Out

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Water bottles and juice filling machines are used in each and every beverage supplying plant. In fact, the juice filling machines or the water filling machines do the most integral steps of the whole procedure.

The water or juice filling water machine is also known as the blowing machine. Although the juice filling machine’s price is high there are thousands of blowing machine buyers buying heavy-duty, high-performance machines from blowing machine manufacturers and blowing machine suppliers. 

You've been drinking the mineral water and juice straight from a bottle that has gone through the water or juice filling machine but do you know everything about the juice filling machine?

This article will enlighten you with 9 true facts about the water filling machine or the blowing machine that will totally weird you out.

9 True Facts About Water Bottle Filling Machine/ Juice Filling Machine 

1.The Beverage Industry Will Shut Down Without Them

The water filling machine results in higher output and reduced labor cost. The accuracy of the bottle filling machines cannot be substituted with manpower ever in present. 

So, it is important for the beverage industry to use these machines at any cost to handle the demanding need for mineral water and beverages like juice and carbonated drinks.

In some industries, the work can even be put to a halt without these machines. Therefore, these machines, when not available can shut down the beverage and food industry.

2.Juice Filling Machine Can Work Just by A Switch

Yes, that's right. These heavy-duty machines filling hundreds of bottles per minute is operated just by a single switch. The worker just has to press the power button on and it will fill thousands of bottles in a day.

3.Water Filling Machine Does Three Tasks at A Time

The water filling machine is just not used for a liquid filling but also for capping operations and blowing. That is why it is also known as a blowing machine. First, the machine rinses the bottles by blowing, fill them and then put caps on the bottles.

4.Bottle Filling Machines Can Be Customized

Water or juice bottle filling machines can be customized according to the needs and demands of any beverage or food industry. You can do that by asking the blowing machine supplier to simply change the parts associated with accurate determination. 

5.None of The Parts of This Machine Is Touched by Human Hands

This fact is hard to believe but because of the hygiene and sterilization issues, none of the parts of the water filling machines are touched by humans.

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6.It Can Fill More Than 500 Bottles Per Minute

This machine can fill more than 500 bottles per minute. But of course, it all depends on the machine's efficiency and power consumption. 

7.They Are Not Just Used for Filling Water

They have other applications as well such as:

  • Vinegar packaging.

  • Coolant packaging.

  • Juice and carbonated drink packaging.

  • Liquid makeup packaging.

  • Liquid pharmaceutical medicinal product packaging. 

8.Wide Range of Filling Machines

In today's world where there are hundreds of water filling or blowing machine manufacturers, there's a wide range to choose from. You can choose from manual water filling machine, automatic water filling machine or semi-automatic water filling machine. 

9.Manual Water Filling Machines Work Without Electricity

Manual water filling machines are used by the industries whose water plants do not have the access to electricity or compressed air. 


You will definitely recall these 9 facts when drinking bottled water next time. These facts indicate that not only have these machines reduced labor costs and human errors but also excelled to provide us with safe and hygienic beverages.