A Technical Agreement Was Reached on Site to Assist Uganda Projects

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Congratulations! A technical agreement was reached on site to assist Uganda projects between Hengyu and the state-owned northern company.

In November, our staff communicated with the state-owned northern company staff online in advance and had a nice chat. We appointed suitable meeting time and location with each other. This time, the meeting was arranged in Shanghai. The day the friend company's staff arrived in Shanghai, our worker arranged picking up in airport. After reaching the scene of negotiations, staff form the two companies both showed polite greetings.

Hengyu has discussed many issues might exist in the assistance of Uganda projects with friend company, for example, water filling machine technology, liquid filling solutions etc. Both of us were trying to find best solutions for each other. After few hours' negotiation, many issues were confirmed and we signed the agreement in the scene. At the end of the meeting, both of us were expecting further cooperation in the future. 

Assist Uganda Projects

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