Sparkling Wine Production Line was Shipped to Domestic Market

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Good News! The domestic customer purchased a sparkling wine production line from our company in November 2019. We have arranged shipment as soon as possible to make sure our customer to receive products quickly. All equipment is made by high configuration and customized by customer's requirement.

In the past few days, our technicians are also checked all our sparkling wine production line to ensure that our products will maintain its best condition when it arrives in the destination. 

Hengyu Machinery is a professional manufacturer of beverage production line equipment, which integrate design and manufacture, installation and debugging, manning guide, after-sales service.

champagne filling line

The whole champagne filling line of Hengyu consists of six parts: liquid treatment, blending system, filling system, sealing system, label system, packaging system and conveying system. Fully automatic operation mode greatly improves the production efficiency and at the same time liberates the human resources.

The introduction of foreign advanced mixing technology of CO2 and liquid, which makes sure the content of the CO2 in the finished product. It adopts domestic unique sealing technology, wire capping machine, makes us the only supplier of the whole production line for sparkling wine.

We have cooperated with many companies till now and they all give our products good comments. We sincerely welcome more customers enquiry about our products.