Hengyu Machinery Assists Saudi Arabia Customers in Water Treatment Installation

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Always pursue best customer service, Hengyu Machinery pay attention to every customer's buying experience and helps them in solving problems. This time, Saudi Arabia customers seek help from us in water treatment installation. Hengyu staff decided to help them solve the problem as soon as possible.

After the first installation, the first on-site service had to be terminated because the water treatment ordered by the customer from other suppliers had not been installed and debugged.

The customer himself also expressed regret that he could not complete the water treatment system installation and debugging work at one time. In August of this year, the customer wrote to say that the supporting facilities on site were ready. We immediately started to deal with the engineer's visa and we arrived at the customer site within one week.

water treatment system installation

The customer appreciated our response and regretted not having been able to order water treatment equipment from us. Since there was only no water source when the equipment was first installed, the idle operation of the equipment has been completed, so the work this time is relatively easy. After simple debugging, the whole line runs perfectly.

The customer was also very satisfied with our work and indicated that the following production lines would also place orders with us. 

Installation and commissioning

Zhangjiagang Hengyu Machinery CO., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of food and beverage production line, which integrate design and manufacture, installation and debugging, manning guide, after-sales service.

Hengyu Machinery always provides best after-sale service for our customers. Choose Hengyu, choose best buying experience!